Sunday, August 10, 2014

Gramma Genia's Visit

I know it is too early to start blogging for Silkenfest 2015 in FL, but J's mom is in town, & she REALLY wants me to blog about our activities.  I'm not sure why I'm caving in to pressure from a human - and not even the human that prepares my meals - but Gramma Genia (GG) does sneak me treats off her plate.  I guess that deserves a bit of deference.  Don't get too excited; I've only agreed to one blog.

GG came on the last day of July.  The next day she & J hosted a party.  They spent all day cooking & were too careful in the kitchen for me to do any taste testing.  That sucked, but lots of people wanted to pet me when they came, & a few let me taste their dinners (when they were not paying attention.)
One of her partners also brought their dog, Sammy.  Sammy was definitely not a Sighthound; he's not really anything specific - a "Melange", shall we say.  Anyway, he made a good bunny.  Sometimes J thought Mintz or I got carried away, but Sammy never even squealed or anything.  He was a good sport.

That 1st weekend J & GG took us to a dog show in Chehalis.  I won't go into details because I know J posted on some lists.  You know that some idiot judge placed Appley 1st over me in one Altered show; she kept going on & on about how amazing he looked for 9yo.  Well, yeah; but this was not the veteran's class.  Grumph.  She gave him AL BIS for that show.
After that J entered him in the Veteran's class, too.  That's not right.  That gives him 2 chances to win BOB, etc in each show.  Until they have a SmartAss class, I can only enter 1 class & have 1 chance.  Fine.  Be that way.  
In summary, all BIS winners went into Best of the Weekend.  Appley won BOTH Best of the Weekend Altered & Veterans!  Whatever.
I had beat Appley in all 3 of the other Silken Altered Ch classes BTW.

This weekend that new group, SWEPT, hosted LGRA racing at Allagante.  J took me, Opa!, and the 2 Greyhound puppies (Wicka & Wye - who is co-owned by J & is visiting).  Each of us got 2 run twice on both days.  I tell J that she should enter me, but she won't.  She's afraid I would get snarky with someone trying to pass. Whatever.  It's just trash talking; I've never bitten anyone.  Plus - no one might be able to pass me; so no problem, if you ask me.  People usually ask her why I am not entered when they see me practice.  What can I say . . . I look good.  Gramma Genia was very impressed.

Wicka & Wye are both lure crazy fools, and Wicka is already running out of the boxes at 8.5 mo old. She's faster than me, but I corner MUCH better when we play.

Opa! ran.  That's amazing.  The little curly girly has been acting like a fragile diva for the past month & has not been interested in running.  "Opalopa" was OpaDopa.   She thought she was pregnant.  I told her this was NOT possible - despite Appley's attentions.  No way.  Her first run got hesitant at the end, but she 'killed' the lure at the end.  Not as much style as me - but it's a start.  All of her other runs were even more focused.  She even ran the last one through an open box without troubles.

I hope this means all her DRAMA is past.  Tell me humans:  Is this OpaDopa shit going to happen EVERY time she goes through a heat cycle?  Geez, I hope not.  I don't think I can stand the foolishness.

That's all folks.  Wye is being picked up by her co-owners tomorrow, & GG leaves for Tennessee on Tuesday.  Life returns to our usual routine . . . I don't think there are more events for AGES.  Sigh.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

SF officially over until 2015

Yesterday marked the end of Silkenfest for 2014.

I think everyone had a good time, and we got to meet Silkens & people from all over the country as well as a few Brits & Canadians.  Next year Silkenfest will be in Florida.  I've never been there, but I hear that the beaches are long, the water is warm, and the sand is white.
Hopefully, J is keeping her eye on the calendar.  It would be a long drive, but I'll try to talk her into it.  I doubt she'd take me if flying.  Bitch.  Of course, by that comment I just mean she'd take the intact bitch if only taking one dog (ignore the slight snarl in my tone), and just one dog would be likely if flying.

Sigh.  What can you do?  I won more than Opa! at this SF.

J does really want to go to SF in 2015.  The actual bronze BadAss Trophy should be completed in a couple weeks, and she wants to be there to present it.

Maybe Opa! will get her act together & win it - but I doubt it.  Just look at her:  lying on the sofa like a limp noodle or rag doll.  Oh, poor Opa!.  It's so hard to be her.  Yada, yada, yada.
How long does this heat thing go on? (I am spayed & don't remember).  It's only day one, & she is already on my nerves.

Anyway - I guess this wraps up my blog for 2014.  I tried to blog weekly between the past Silkenfests, but my heart just wasn't into it.  Maybe I'll change my mind once the lure coursing season picks up if J drives up to interesting places.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Oval Racing to end SF

Today was the last day of SF2014.  Sigh.  That means we get to go home, which is good . . . but that Greyhound puppy can be SO annoying.  Staying at the hotel has been very relaxing - and J has a small grass area x-penned off from the sliding door.  It's small but works; at least as long as we get out to race or lure course during the day.  I guess I'd get bored with the traveling life.

I do not get to oval race.  Officials are not amused when I cut across field or run backwards from the finish.  they lack imagination.  However, today J & Aaron (the lure Op) just let me run.  I heard J tell Aaron just to run it around - no matter what I did.  J said that has given up on "training runs" & said she just wanted me to burn off some energy.  Smart girl, that J.

I started to run around, then stopped & ducked under the tape -- despite J's comments, Aaron tried to lure me forward - but I just cut into mid field.  I tossed in a few stalks & downs for the crowd & then chased the lure home (from mid-field).  FUN.
They let Opa! run, too.  She just ran in an oval.  Boring.

Oh.  You want to know the results?  Garis won: what else is new? hah.  Opa!'s bro got Best FTE - but I think he was the  only one.  Whatever

and that wrapped up SF2014 - it was a bit of an anticlimax.  J did a count & gave the remaining Orca toys to as many dogs that finished as she had Orcas remaining.  That was nice.  Yesterday, I let her give mine to Aaron.  He does a nice job with the controls; it keeps things interesting.

This should be my last post, but we'll see.  There will be at least ONE more.

Monday, June 2, 2014

Racing (a day late) & Awards

I must apologize to all my fans for not posting last night.  Sunday was SO busy, and J was tense all day (because of the presentation about Bados) - just to complicate things.
J generally does not enter me at races but just lets me do practice sprints.  From time to time I get a tad annoyed if someone tries to pass me & let them know this.  I don't bite anyone - (cooties, ick) - but I might growl & air snap.  OK, once upon a time, I did body slam Cayman during a lure course - but there was no biting involved, & he did a good job ignoring me.

Anyway - there was some miscommunication about people wanting more entries and, when J offered to enter me, she was told that another person would scratch all her dogs if I were entered - also miscommunication.  People have been a bit sleep deprived in the PNW leading up to SF, I guess, because this created a domino effect of tears, and then hugs & apologies once all the confusion was sorted out.  Oh, the DRAMA.  Sometimes humans just need to 'get a grip'.
In the end, I was not entered - which is the norm.  I still got to practice, as did Opa!, the Greyhound puppy, Wye (co-owned by J), and a bunch of other Silkens.

For those who do not know:  Logan won, Teddie was 2nd, and Pagani was 3rd.

Our vet, Sherri, came up for the day - actually she had been there on show day, too.  Bados & I have convinced her that Silkens are pretty cool.  She had been planning to come up for the banquet where Bados will be honored & decided to come for both the show & racing as well.   She wanted to stay for lure coursing, but had to work today (damn, jobs).  J was happy that she came.
While Sherri was here, Appley had an acupuncture treatment; it helped him relax & helped with some trigger points.

That evening, J left us in the room while they went to the banquet - you may wonder how I know some of these details . . . I have my ways.
One of the first announcements was about the BadAss Trophy.  I think J did a pretty good job on that; she actually shed fewer tears than I expected during the presentation.  It's a combo award for top lure courser that is also an ISWS CH (or UKC ALCh).  Amusingly, Bados won for this past year - even though he died in October.  J thinks that's awkward, but what can you do?  He really was both a pretty boy & a BadAss lure courser.
Other awards for the past year were announced.  I got Top Singles in Lure Coursing again, of course.  Apparently Bados had earned an LCM 2 before he died; J had had no idea.  Not surprisingly this got more tears from her.

I should probably wrap up todays events as well.  This was Lure Coursing day.  Yeah.  That's my favorite.  J ran both Opa! & I in Singles (I always run in Singles . . . no one else quite does what I do).  Opa! rocked on the prelims (150pts & tied for 1st).  I did my usual thing, the coursing/stalking combo - it's fun to lay in wait for approaching prey. LOL.
The finals surprised everyone - Opa! was feeling just too tired & overwhelmed by all the excitement.   Her brother, Smoky, was here competing, too.  It was all too much.  Opa! stopped part way through, but she did keep her eyes on the lure the whole time; then she ran back & attacked once it approached the finish.  I think she'll do fine next time.  Her 1st run was SO good, she still managed to earn 3rd place; not bad.
Aaron, the lure operator, kept the lure pretty close to me & I never found a good spot to stalk.  Damn it, if he didn't manage to get me to run the whole way.  Touché, human!  We'll see what happens next time we compete. vbg.  Oh, I got 2nd place.  Echo won (he's one of Claire's puppies that still lives with her & Barb).

Cartier won the whole shebang.  She & her sister, Rosie are zippy little things.
Tomorrow is Oval racing.  I don't do that.  It's stupid to race in a circle - I mean, we all KNOW exactly where it's going, right?

Saturday, May 31, 2014


Today was the BIG day for the Silkenfest Beauty Pageant.  Everyone had baths & looked spiffy; even the humans.   Of course, I realize that you want to know all the winners, but I am not a reporter.  I will leave that to one of the humans who actually care about such things.  I will only comment on the Companion Classes (which usually get the short shrift), and Opa!'s ridiculous performance - because I enjoy giving her grief.
I do have to laugh; J dutifully wrote all the placements into her catalogue - in case I might want to comment, I suppose; but then she left it in the ballroom when packing up our supplies.  ROFL.

In Companion Dog, Appley surprised both J & I by placing 2nd!  My pal, Moto, won (as usual) - but I have no idea how Appley managed to beat Dove & Semi.  He is such a timid goofball when 'on display' - but he did manage to pull himself together well enough to move nicely when asked.  I'm shocked; he usually keeps looking back at the dogs behind him or on the sidelines which interferes with his stride.

As usual, I won Best Companion Bitch.  I confess to being less confident about this today because I had not competed against Lexi before.  She is a lithe little thing, but I pulled it off.  In the Best Companion competition, I got distracted by my show color itching & kept trying to scratch.  What can I say?  Moto won Best Companion - leaving me as Best Opposite.  That's OK; we tend to alternate this title.  It was probably his turn anyway.

Opa!?  She did nicely in Puppy Sweeps placing a strong 2nd.  A few people gave J a few handling tips so she was feeling good about the actual show class.  Unfortunately, Opa! was not so sure about the judge.  She looked great up to the "down & back" . . . but basically she only did the "down".  She would NOT come any further than 1/2 way back towards the judge.  Perhaps she hadn't liked that the judge examined her teeth so studiously.  J tried several times to get her moving, but she put on the brakes every time.  How juvenile.  Obviously she did not win.

Oh, well.  That's all for now.  We are both exhausted & must get ready for tomorrow's event.
Until next time! And i hope the human reporters post the full results soon!

Friday, May 30, 2014

SF Begins

SF begins - but I would not say with a bang.  From my perspective its more off with a whimper, but that's just me.
After a quick walk this morning, J left us back in the hotel room.  She had to man the Hospitality Table for people arriving & collecting their welcome bags.  They also displayed the poster about the BadAss Trophy & the pottery for the raffles.  (or so I am told).
Simultaneously the obedience & rally competitions were happening in the ballroom, but we did not get to watch this.  We only got to watch the pool man skimming the pool that is outside our window.  BORING.
From boring things moved to unpleasant, J returned to the room & dashed us across to the 'torture chamber' in the suite with the Silken Store.  Appley's breeder, Alison was there.  They poked me Opa! & I with needles to draw blood (Thyroid tests, or so they say).  In any case, Opa! was a quivering mess, but I stared down them down & revealed NO secrets.
Did J reward us then?  No.  Back to the room for Appley & I, and Opa! was taken for water torture.  Appley & I were bathed a few days ago, and J decided this was adequate, but poor Opa! was not so lucky.  She got all soaped up, rinsed, and dried.  She looks like a silly fluff ball now.

Opa! went with J to a lecture on reproduction.  I guess J thought it was good for her to learn about this stuff as Opa! is intact.  I didn't have to go since parenthood is not in my future.
After the lecture J set up our crates & x-pens in the conformation ballroom. Apparently human snacks are available as well; J made dinner of it & socialized while we continued to be bored to tears in the hotel room.
Later we did get to send some time with Shelby, Mocha, & Cartier at their room; and then too a walk around the hotel grounds to chat with other Silkenfolk.  That was fun - but it took  along time for us to get there.
J is falling to sleep with the laptop in her lap.  I guess I should let her go . . .

To Silkenfest

Today InPhenite journeyed from Oregon to Olympia, WA.  Appley & Opa! are with me; J is our chauffeur.  It was not a long drive ~2 hours; but we had to hang out in the car & later on our too while J helped stuff welcome bags & put in some social time for herself; that was OK.

I think that I have determined the cause of our security breech & blog 'block'.  J sent the wrong link to one of the windhound lists that receives my blogs.  This was to my 'work page' not the  'published' page.  Sometimes I think I should hire a better typist/soft ware tech . . . but J's services are free, and she is a loyal supplicant.

MANY of our pals are here, and J is excited to see some of her friends as well.  There are people from all over the US - CA, AZ, CO, TX, NY, and more.  We also have British Commonwealth representatives in attendance.  I'll practice my bark accents while here.


I feel like I should have more happy, excited news about Silkenfest, but - honestly -  I am sad today.  I learned of the death of one of my friends from OFC.  Ivy.  She was quite the live coursing superstar.  We had competed together on several occasions.  If SmartAss bitches can have a role model - she was one for me.  She had a leiomyosarcoma - very rare & with no symptoms until very advanced.  Too sad, I will snuggle close to J tonight, but I'll also send healing vibes to Joyce, Ivy's human.

God speed.