Thursday, December 25, 2014

Spy vs Spy (4)

J & Rob brought us to Central Oregon for Xmas.  I like it here.  There's lots of open space, it rarely rains, there's a nip in the air (it's COLD), but the air smells of Juniper & there is a dusting of snow on the ground.  Merry Christmas!  . . . or not . . .
Enough pleasantries, let's get serious.  Santa is bullshit.  There may have been pig ears, cow trachea, and treats both from Zuke's and Stella & Chewy's.  But I do not believe in Santa, and I do not believe in playing dress up.
WTF - jingle bells & Santa suits?  Are you kidding me?

Plus the brat didn't have to wear a Santa suit.  Yeah, they gave him an elf hat & bells, but no Santa or elf coat.  The indignity of it.  I may look like the Grinch's dog, but I feel more like the Grinch.  Bah Humbug!
Not to mention the little so-called Spy blew it.  He made it through the mountains without puking; he managed not to pee in the car even though it was a long trip due to slow going over the snowy pass; but once at the house he pooped in the living room.  What kind of spy does that?  Please . . . 

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Spy vs Spy (3)

Well, what do you know . . . Conner did something clever.  This was after having done something stupid, of course.

J took him to Allagante for an Xmas party.  Thank goodness she did not make me go (-Opa! told me the details-).  It was pouring rain so the ground & grass would have been wet (ick); plus there'd have been lots of strange dogs milling about.  Opa! enjoys that - but I often find it tedious, especially if adolescent boys get too sniffy.  The Sanders do leave out a box of treats - free for the taking - but still . . . there's a lot to put up with.
Of course, when we get to go play outside, it's a completely different story.  I get to chase the lure.  Some people, who know me only for my brains, are surprised to see how fast I am.  My early speed out of the box is impressive, but J won't let me race because I sometimes get irritated if some dog even faster catches me from behind.
Sorry, I got off track.

Anyway, J drove out with Opa!, and my Rob brought Conner out later.  Conner puked in the car (snort).  Rob had had him in his lap & had to dry off with a hair dryer.  It serves him right, the traitor.  I'm usually the only dog Rob lets ride in his Mini.
Everyone ooh'd & ahh'd about how cute Conner is (big deal, all puppies look cute even if annoying).  Then he started running about & paused to pee on the entry mat.  HAH!!
J put him in one of 2 runs off the covered patio while she went in to clean off the mat.  That's when he did something clever.  The 2 runs are separated by a shed with 2 interior compartments, and somehow he got from one side to the other.  Apparently this has not happened before.  J peered into the shed from both sides, but she could not see where he went through.

Very interesting.  There may be some hope for this wannabe spy.  I'll have to check out that shed next time I am there.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Spy vs Spy (2)

I'm still having trouble with the spy references.  SummersSpiritInPhenite 007, really?  At least she shortened the call name from Sean Connery to just Conner.  That way this spy BS is not flagged in my face every time they call him.

He is not so bright.  Yeah, he's very athletic & good at escaping pens when athleticism is what's required.  (I don't think J can get the video to work. grr)


but being a climber is not all it takes.

Just last night he failed to escape from his puppy prison (after earlier escapes, it's got a roof over most of it now) - but when J went to release him, I could see that she had forgotten actually to latch the gate.  He could have pawed it open.  What a dope.  He just sat in there & whined after he'd finished eating.

How can he be a future spy & live up to his name sake, Sean Connery?  Sean Connery could climb a fence without becoming ruffled & with no smudge on his tuxedo, but he was also smart enough to use a gate when available.

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Spy vs Spy (1)


It's a puppy.  He arrived just a few days before Thanksgiving.  Well, Happy Thanksgiving to you, too.
What is J thinking?  Didn't she just bring that irritating gnat-brained Greyhound puppy home in March?  Must we do this again?
and the WORST thing is he thinks he's a spy.  Please.  I am the spy.  Agent Gita: SuperSpy & SmartAss Bitch.  That's me.  Who does he think he is?  Sean Connery?  Well he is SummersSpiritInPhenite OOSeven.  They're calling him Conner - shortened from Sean Connery.  

I'll keep you updated as the 'game' unfolds.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Lone Star Classic Report (InPhenite shit only)

Well, I went to Texas this weekend.
Honestly it was stressful . . . the only time I'd ever flown was flying from Firebird to InPhenite as a wee pup.  J had also been to Kansas City to pick up the Greyhound puppies as their breeder would not ship them cargo - but that was IT for InPhenite's experience with air travel.

Plus, Opa! does not like to travel.  All the other dogs & I clamor to join J when she leaves (well, not for work in the mornings - 0630?  That's too early- but other times . . .  But, Opa! stays in the next room if she thinks J may take a dog with her.   Opa! has never puked & enjoys nonvet/nonshow excursions - but she is worried until she arrive at events.

J drove up to stay the night with Iola on Thursday so that we could fly direct from Seattle (Iola & Jane - Winsome Hounds- came to TX, too).  Traveling with that experienced crew helped with our stress.  BUT after that the TX show got off to a bad start- J had worn a necklace with glass charms that include her Grey's & Bados' ashes - Phoenix & Luka's charms broke off friday night (but were not lost).  Anyway, this made J more ANXIOUS.
J had brought me down explicitly for competition in the UKC Altered Ch class (with 3+ Ch dogs competing) - but I was getting no love from the judges.  Nothing on Saturday.  Opa! 'won' her age group with no competition but that was it - I thought she was showing well - but she did not advance from there.

Sunday started better for me - I won Best Companion in the Silken Specialty (beating Rio - one time BISS Silkenfest winner - as well as Bados' sister (Breezy) & her handsome son, Ziggy).  Not to be snooty, but ALL those guys had been 'rated' SHOW as puppies but are now altered for a variety of reasons.   I was labeled "pet" as a child.  Whatever.  I BEAT THEM ALL.  That was good.  (yeah!)

FYI:  For all "pet" puppies out there - don't let that "label" get you down - you are no less than "show" pups.  Even if you do not mature as beautiful as I did.  There are many routes to SuperStar status - admittedly - you may not turn out as 'pretty' - but as a Silken, there are UNLIMITED venues where you can excel.  Moving on . . . 

Opa!?  Nothing on Saturday in UKC or Sweeps, nothing in the specialty show on Sunday.  Less than nothing.  She would not stack & kept trying to leave the ring.  No points there.

Then with the UKC shows. . . I don't know what happened.  I did not manage to beat Ziggy in the ALCh class, but I did get Reserve (a 1st for the weekend).

Opa!? Perhaps it was the grooming suggestions Jane made regarding Opa!'s crazy curls . . . who knows? Anyway, Opa! decided stacking was not so bad.  In her age class, which she won by default - she would not "down&back" toward the judge; he made her try twice - but no.  She did keep moving - just sideways.  J was feeling a bit hopeless - but Opa! did move better in the Winner's Bitch class . . . actually she WON Winner's Bitch!!!!!!  What???!!!!!
Then in the final UKC show . . . perhaps Opa! gave up her resistance in disgust . . . but she won Winners Bitch AND Best of Winners!!!!!!!!
OMG!  J was on cloud nine, Opa! was clueless.  Unfortunately . . . J had to be at work before 0700 this AM  . . . we had to catch a plane.  DAMN IT!!!!!! I did not even get to show in the final ALCh class.
J helped the Walls showing a beautiful girl in the CH class - but then we had to zoom off to the airport.
Oh, well.  Don't expect more posts until another inspiring event - my typist (J) can be hard to motivate & claws don't mix well with keyboards.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Gramma Genia's Visit

I know it is too early to start blogging for Silkenfest 2015 in FL, but J's mom is in town, & she REALLY wants me to blog about our activities.  I'm not sure why I'm caving in to pressure from a human - and not even the human that prepares my meals - but Gramma Genia (GG) does sneak me treats off her plate.  I guess that deserves a bit of deference.  Don't get too excited; I've only agreed to one blog.

GG came on the last day of July.  The next day she & J hosted a party.  They spent all day cooking & were too careful in the kitchen for me to do any taste testing.  That sucked, but lots of people wanted to pet me when they came, & a few let me taste their dinners (when they were not paying attention.)
One of her partners also brought their dog, Sammy.  Sammy was definitely not a Sighthound; he's not really anything specific - a "Melange", shall we say.  Anyway, he made a good bunny.  Sometimes J thought Mintz or I got carried away, but Sammy never even squealed or anything.  He was a good sport.

That 1st weekend J & GG took us to a dog show in Chehalis.  I won't go into details because I know J posted on some lists.  You know that some idiot judge placed Appley 1st over me in one Altered show; she kept going on & on about how amazing he looked for 9yo.  Well, yeah; but this was not the veteran's class.  Grumph.  She gave him AL BIS for that show.
After that J entered him in the Veteran's class, too.  That's not right.  That gives him 2 chances to win BOB, etc in each show.  Until they have a SmartAss class, I can only enter 1 class & have 1 chance.  Fine.  Be that way.  
In summary, all BIS winners went into Best of the Weekend.  Appley won BOTH Best of the Weekend Altered & Veterans!  Whatever.
I had beat Appley in all 3 of the other Silken Altered Ch classes BTW.

This weekend that new group, SWEPT, hosted LGRA racing at Allagante.  J took me, Opa!, and the 2 Greyhound puppies (Wicka & Wye - who is co-owned by J & is visiting).  Each of us got 2 run twice on both days.  I tell J that she should enter me, but she won't.  She's afraid I would get snarky with someone trying to pass. Whatever.  It's just trash talking; I've never bitten anyone.  Plus - no one might be able to pass me; so no problem, if you ask me.  People usually ask her why I am not entered when they see me practice.  What can I say . . . I look good.  Gramma Genia was very impressed.

Wicka & Wye are both lure crazy fools, and Wicka is already running out of the boxes at 8.5 mo old. She's faster than me, but I corner MUCH better when we play.

Opa! ran.  That's amazing.  The little curly girly has been acting like a fragile diva for the past month & has not been interested in running.  "Opalopa" was OpaDopa.   She thought she was pregnant.  I told her this was NOT possible - despite Appley's attentions.  No way.  Her first run got hesitant at the end, but she 'killed' the lure at the end.  Not as much style as me - but it's a start.  All of her other runs were even more focused.  She even ran the last one through an open box without troubles.

I hope this means all her DRAMA is past.  Tell me humans:  Is this OpaDopa shit going to happen EVERY time she goes through a heat cycle?  Geez, I hope not.  I don't think I can stand the foolishness.

That's all folks.  Wye is being picked up by her co-owners tomorrow, & GG leaves for Tennessee on Tuesday.  Life returns to our usual routine . . . I don't think there are more events for AGES.  Sigh.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

SF officially over until 2015

Yesterday marked the end of Silkenfest for 2014.

I think everyone had a good time, and we got to meet Silkens & people from all over the country as well as a few Brits & Canadians.  Next year Silkenfest will be in Florida.  I've never been there, but I hear that the beaches are long, the water is warm, and the sand is white.
Hopefully, J is keeping her eye on the calendar.  It would be a long drive, but I'll try to talk her into it.  I doubt she'd take me if flying.  Bitch.  Of course, by that comment I just mean she'd take the intact bitch if only taking one dog (ignore the slight snarl in my tone), and just one dog would be likely if flying.

Sigh.  What can you do?  I won more than Opa! at this SF.

J does really want to go to SF in 2015.  The actual bronze BadAss Trophy should be completed in a couple weeks, and she wants to be there to present it.

Maybe Opa! will get her act together & win it - but I doubt it.  Just look at her:  lying on the sofa like a limp noodle or rag doll.  Oh, poor Opa!.  It's so hard to be her.  Yada, yada, yada.
How long does this heat thing go on? (I am spayed & don't remember).  It's only day one, & she is already on my nerves.

Anyway - I guess this wraps up my blog for 2014.  I tried to blog weekly between the past Silkenfests, but my heart just wasn't into it.  Maybe I'll change my mind once the lure coursing season picks up if J drives up to interesting places.